Hypnosis treats depression effectively

Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for depression. It can be used whether or not you are taking anti-depresssant medication. Depression is a syndrome, rather than a single issue problem. The most common reasons for becoming depressed are the psychological and social elements. These include things like the death or serious illness of someone you love, getting the sack, being involved in an accident or ending a relationship. The effects of hypnotherapy are long-lasting because it involves helping you learn new ways to manage difficult life situations, understand your feelings so that they don't overwhelm you and get you some more effective and helpful ways of responding. Hypnosis has the ability to help you to discover and reactivate internal resources you already have, but for some reason or other you've stopped using them.

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Difficult feelings such as frustration, hurt, anger, humiliation and a lack of motivation can makes us feel more pessimistic. We see the glass half empty. We we use ineffective ways of dealing with situations so they persist and this can trigger depression. There are lots of potential causes.  Depression makes us see the world through a distorting lens, so that everything seems grey, uncomfortable, uncontrollable. We avoid things that might be difficult, even if they are important. We get touchy and oversensitive with the people around us. We can upset them by being over-critical, angry, frustrated or resentful. Our friends and family get distressed and upset and may avoid us. All these issues respond powerfully to hypnosis, allowing you to feel optimistic again and get back to managing everyday life skilfully again.

Hypnosis is a very beneficial addition to CBT. The basic idea is that it is our thoughts and belief systems which affect our feelings and behaviours, not external things such as people, events or situations. When we think differently about a situation, we respond differently. The goal is to think, feel and act in ways that are helpful to us, building on the internal strengths and resilience that hypnosis has reactivated. Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy helps you not only to recover from depression but protects you by teaching you the skills of prevention.

And it is good to have such an effective treatment because more than 30 million Europeans are thought to suffer from depression. It is one of the top three causes of disease burden in the EU. And because depression stops us going to work (about half of all chronic sick leave being due to depression and anxiety), there is a cost to employers and government too. This is estimated to be 170 billion Euros per year. The World Health Organisation has predicted that depression will be the second most devastating disease in the world in 2020. In Britain, according to the Office for National Statistics, 10% of the adult population is depressed.

Don't let your depression get worse, get help. Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy is a good place to start.

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