Why do you want to lose weight anyway?

So why do we want to lose weight? We can be healthy and fit even when we are on the round side. Look at this great clip of the Roly Polys who used to dance for Les Dawson in the 80s!

There is a lot of social pressure on us to be thin, and as a result we tend to have very negative attitudes towards our bodies, and go on the road of Diet, Deprive and Deny. As a result of this, some people get eating disorders, others binge, others feel self-disgust and generally feel bad about their apparent lack of control.

Dieting does not have a good track record of helping us to lose weight. You will recognise a number of the problems that comes with dieting. One is that you end up focusing on food when this is the last thing you should be doing. You eat according to tight rules and regulations, rather than responding to your body's hunger signals. In the end, you lose touch with this important sensory information and you don't know anymore when you are hungry, or worse, when you are full. The pleasure of eating disappears as we count out the number of points we are allowed or the number of calories in an item. And we end up eating bad things anyway, and then we have broken the rules, are a complete failure and we may as well stuff ourselves as we are going to be a fatso forever anyway.

This self talk is not helpful. What really is the goal? If you set a goal to lose 1 stone, and you then lose that stone, will you set yourself another target, and get yourself back on the treadmill?

So what is your real goal? Would you like to be in control of your eating again? Feel healthier? Eat better food? Be happier? Identify your real goal. And hypnotherapy will help you achieve it.

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