According to the Scotsman yesterday, there are more Christmas pounds this year due to most of us staying in because of the snow.

You don't need to lose these pounds all at once in a blitz diet. On the whole, diets have been found to fail. Getting back to your normal routines will shift some of those extra pounds. But to ensure that they are not still with you in 2012, here are some tips.

Add a bit of extra physical effort to your day. This might mean using the stairs rather than a lift or walking a few hundred yards every day rather than using the car or bus. Using public transport has been shown to have a beneficial effect on weight loss. Take the long way round to the shops. Go up and down stairs a lot at home. Stand rather than sit. A few small changes like this will get your body working a bit harder.

  • Decide not to eat out or use takeaways in January.
  • Give up eating in front of the telly.
  • Weigh yourself once a week.

And if you decide that 2011 is the year to really gain control of your weight, give me a call. Hypnotherapy has been shown to work - fast, effective and safe.

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