Reasons for exercising

The reasons men and women give for taking exercise have been shown to be different. Research show that when exercising for health reasons (to get stronger, more supple, fitter) self-esteem is high for both sexes.

Women's motivation for exercise is more often related to weight and shape reasons than men. As I have said before, exercising for these reasons is linked to disordered eating and this research supports this. "Overall activity level was related to greater eating disturbance for women". These terms, disordered eating, eating disturbance, tend to be correlated to or result in low self-esteem, increased weight and for some, serious eating disorders.

For both genders, exercising for weight loss, tone, and attractiveness reasons was highly correlated with measures of disturbance. The researchers note that these motivations for exercise "can be used to identify people who might develop eating disorders and/or body image disturbance".

Exercising for health is great. But it is not the most effective way to lose weight if that is your goal. It brings with it a range of potential concerns. With hypnotherapy, you can learn to accept your shape the way you are, and at the same time, learn some effective ways to manage a healthy weight. Losing weight without these risks.

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