Social factors make it harder for women to manage their weight

Apart from greater social pressure in the Western world to be thin, there are social pressures which reduce women's opportunity to control their weight. These pressures are changing, though, as women become more economically resilient.

Leisure or recreational activity levels are lower for women than men, with a marked decline during adolescence. While boys continue to play football or ride their bikes, womens' physical activity declines with time.

When they are older, opportunities for physical activity for women are limited by greater caregiving responsibilities. They have less time for themselves. And indeed, their partners and family members often view any time spent at the gym or a dance class as 'stolen' since they take the woman away from family responsibilities. There is often a lot of family negotiating to do when it comes to fitting in some exercise, and women's plans are often confounded by another family member's needs - so that the woman has to stay at home.

Socially acceptable forms of physical activity may be fewer for women than men, particularly in some ethnic groups. This includes swimming for some groups, dancing for others. And then there are safety concerns that affect times and places available for physical activity.

So if you are having trouble committing to physical activity, you are not alone. Don't beat yourself up about it. A hypnotherapist will help steel your resolve, and suggest ways to empower you.

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