How do we get fat?

An obese friend of mine has an electric pepper grinder, so that saves her a few calories of effort every day. And there's the zapper for the telly, on-line ordering from the supermarket. All saving us energy. While as a society we are heavier than my mother's generation by around 10 pounds. We sit at work, at home in front of the computer or in front of the telly. So we are much less active than previous generations, with all the benefits of technological advances.

And we all eat so much more than people did 30 years ago. Food is cheaper, even with the recent price hikes. Calorie-dense foods are widely advertised on the telly and there are all those cooking programmes. These keep us thinking about food, which keeps us eating. Eating has become something we do automatically, without thinking. And we cook less at home, because we are busier than ever before. So we eat more engineered-to-taste-fantastic food from the chill cabinet in the supermarket. This saves a bit of energy too, not having to spend an hour or so standing up in the kitchen. In the past, if we wanted a cream slice, we would have to make it ourselves. A lot of work, so we might just not bother. Eating has never been easier. Research has shown that the 10 pound increase in average weight in the last 30 years is a result of eating food prepared outside the home.

There is a lot of social pressure to eat, not just from friends offering us biscuits, but from the way food is presented to us every day in the media and in the shops. While at the same time, there is a lot of pressure on us to be fashionably thin.

Hypnosis will help you understand your particular responses to eating cues, so you can make some simple changes which are easy to follow and maintain. But, note this. It is far easier to not eat 500 calories than it is to burn it off. And hypnosis can hep with this too.

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