Thinking about food all the time

When we get worried about our weight, we can start to think about food all the time. Worrying about what is safe to eat. What foods are good. And then worrying about getting hungry and feeling disappointed that from now on eating is going to be boring. All of which makes managing your weight effectively less likely.

My approach aims to help you to manage your eating, without measuring, counting, restricting, denying and without using food for reasons other than nutrition and sociability. It is good to enjoy food, and even more so with friends. And you can do it without packing on the pounds and without anxiety. Here is a bit of a quiz.

Do you eat in reaction to good or bad events? Like awarding yourself a cake if you win a contract? Or buying a takeaway when you get dumped?

Do you eat when you are not hungry? Out of boredom, habit, anxiety or some other emotion?

Do you sometimes go on a binge and eat and eat and eat till you feel stuffed and dreadful? Do you drop in and out of dieting, trying anything, even the weird ones?

Do you replace meals with drinks, even water?

Do you define foods as good, so you can eat them, and bad, so you can feel guilty when you eat them?

Do you eat the control your intake by limiting the range of what you eat? On the telly recently one woman had only eaten breakfast cereal with milk for years. Are you unwilling to extend the range and eat very selectively, maybe just bread rolls and chips?

Do you count, weigh, measure out your daily allowance and stick rigidly to it? Counting every last calorie?

Do you eat differently (more generously) when you are on your own?

Do you try to fit in with the notion that real women nibble rather than eat? Do you exercise furiously in order to reduce or control your weight? Exercise is good for your heart and lungs, flexibility, physical stamina and for the pleasure it can give you. But it takes 10 miles to burn off a mars bar. Learn new habits with cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy. Enjoy your food and manage your weight.

These are all pretty unhelpful ways of eating. Try my approach and enjoy your food while still controlling your weight, in an easy, automatic and sustainable way.

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