Developing resilience

Resilience is our psychological immune system. It is developed from dealing with life's difficulties and it is weakened by overprotection. It allows you to adapt to changing conditions in your life, without falling apart. It is what we need to ensure that we meet our goals - persisting in the face of frustration. Keeping on keeping on and not giving up.

The US Army teaches resilience in their Battlemind Training. The underlying message if this philosophy is that soldiers can be taught to be tough, The US Army wants both physical and mental fitness Battlemind Training has been shown to help soldiers deal with trauma and come out from war with more self confidence, greater leadership skills, improved emotional strength and a greater appreciation of life.

But it began as a programme for young children, aimed at reducing the level of depression in middle school. Resilience reduces the risk of depression. So what exactly is it?

The American Psychological Association thinks it involves these factors:

  • The capacity to make realistic plans and take steps to carry them out
  • Optimism
  • A positive view of yourself
  • Confidence in your skills, strengths and abilities
  • The ability to manage strong feelings, impulses and emotions without falling apart

I shall write more about resilience shortly. The good thing is that it can be learned.

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