Beat public speaking and performance anxiety in just a few sessions

Speaking in front of other people is a major cause of anxiety. It is one of the main reasons why people work with me. Fortunately, after just a few sessions you will realise that you can do this, and that with practice, you will get better and the freedom to express yourself will feel great.

I invite you to look at two videos which offer really helpful insights.

The first video is by Amy Cuddy.  Her idea is Fake it till you make it and then become it.

We have to talk to groups more and more. In job interviews, in college, in meetings. Promotion often means giving presentations; sometimes to colleagues, sometimes to customers. So when we avoid it, we are avoiding opportunities to develop an important skill. We are giving the chance away to someone else. Even happy moments like weddings and birthday parties can become a source of fear rather than joy.

The other day, a client seemed reluctant to try out one of the techniques we were working on. She felt this technique was cheating, fraudulent, that it was fake. Unless she felt genuine, she could not possibly do what we were working on. This is an important observation. She had a rule that unless she feels genuine, then she cannot give herself permission to try something new. Identifying that rule seemed to break its spell.

My clients tell me about the horrible physical sensations that overwhelm them when they have to speak up. A queasy feeling in the stomach, dry mouth, tight throat, sweating and fear of public humiliation. Anyone with these worries will want to avoid the situation. But speaking in front of others is a skill. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Avoidance keeps the fear going.

When we act as if we are confident, we learn how to get those confident feelings. Feeling genuine is the goal, not the starting point. Thinking of ourselves as a fraud means we limit ourselves to being how we are now. Embrace fakery! Mimic the best and copy their ideas! And allow yourself to move towards that genuine feeling.

I am a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, so I know that using our body - our physical behaviours - to shape how we feel, is one of the most effective things we can do. Thinking is not enough, action is what is needed.

The second video is by Adam Galinksy. He focuses on how to be more assertive and to step out of your comfort zone, to extend the range of behaviours that are okay for you. Extending that genuine feeling to more situations.

And if you are ready to get noticed and be the focus of attention, get in touch and let’s work on it together.  075309 11087

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