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Persistent worrying gets in the way

Research shows that worrying has been shown to increase unpleasant intrusive thoughts which keep the worry cycle turning. But this can change! read more

Added on 22.04.2012

Fat burning coffee

I have just received a marketing email about fat burning coffee. That sounds just the ticket. Does this work? If it did, we would all have heard about it and would all be thin.

It is possible that some drink or other speeds up our metabolism a bit so more calories could well be lost. Calories might well be burned, but would we lose weight? It takes 10,000 steps a day to burn off 1 pound a week. So how much of this coffee would we have to drink?

Most of all though, the problem is belief in Magic. These marketeers are selling Magic. When we are looking for Magic, we are not looking to make the changes to our habits that are necessary for long term weight maintenance. Those changes don't have to be onerous. Just a few small changes every month and you can manage your weight.

Added on 22.04.2012

Appetite and hunger are not the same.

Hunger and appetite are similar but not the same. The drivers within the body are different. read more

Added on 09.04.2012

Sleep problems

There is no need to suffer poor sleep. A combination of changing your routines and the way you think will get you back to deep refreshing sleep. read more

Added on 04.04.2012

Hard wired to love fatty foods

The combination of fat and sugar or fat and salt really hits the spot. Delicious. Find out why are they so irresistible? read more

Added on 01.04.2012

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