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How to sleep better

If you can't sleep because of worry then get help for managing worry. Otherwise you will worry about not getting to sleep. Here are some sleep tips. read more

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Public speaking anxiety

Most of us find public speaking scary. But giving presentations is now essential. But you can soon learn to manage the sweats and do a good job. read more

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What does daily calorie allowance look like?

On average, to maintain normal weight, we can eat around 2,000 calories. Here is a fun video short that shows what 2,000 calories looks like.

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What food rules are you following?

Making a few small changes every month to our food routines can help us to manage our weight effectively. read more

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Pain can cause mental defeat. What to do?

Dealing with mental defeat can help stop chronic pain resulting in depression. Mental defeat is a concept devised by Ehlers and colleagues in 1997. Mental defeat is the perception that you have lost control of your life, so there is no point making an effort and you just give up. The sort of things they might say are "I would rather die than put up with this pain", or "I am no longer the person I used to be". It includes feelings of a loss of autonomy, giving up all efforts to do the things you used to do, not bothering to maintain your sense of identity. Pretty serious. But people with chronic pain can feel like this. It is as though the pain has taken them over completely. A new study of people in Hong Kong with chronic pain demonstrates that mental defeat triggers depression. Dr Nicole Tang of Warwick University said "We know from work in the UK that mental defeat is a significant factor differentiating chronic patients who thrive despite pain from those who develop high levels of distress, depression and interference from pain in their every-day lives". She is encouraging screening for mental defeat in the treatment of chronic pain. As family and friends we should consider cognitive behavioural therapy. I understand this sense of mental defeat as I got a glimpse of it recently when I put my neck out. The pain was intense and lasted about 2 months. I noticed a serious drop in optimism and did think that  I could not stand this for much longer. Since I am in the business, I decided to take action. Regular visits to the osteopath, acupuncture and yoga all helped me feel more in control, so that I maintained my sense of autonomy.

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Gastric band hypnosis. Will it work for you?

Gastric bands seem like the answer to long-term weight loss, and so the hypnotic version is full of promise. The gastric band works by reducing the size of your stomach so that you feel full sooner and as a result you can expect to eat less. If your problem is not giant portions, then the gastric band won't work for you. If a client comes to me and asks for gastric band hypnosis, then that causes me a bit of a problem. I could certainly do it, but if the problem is not giant portions, then the client won't lose weight. Best to find out what is causing the overweight and come up with a strategy to help get the weight off. The answer may be gastric band hypnosis. But it might not be.

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Will the 2-5 fasting diet work for me?

The 2-5 fasting diet is all the rage. Will it help you to lose weight, or is it another miracle diet that will result in you gaining weight? read more

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