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Special K

There's an ad for Special K in Glasgow Central Station which has taken my notice. read more

Added on 28.08.2010

What is making us eat so much?

Eating less is clearly an important goal in losing weight. Getting a clearer idea of the reasons for eating too much will help us to regain control.

For some of us it is habit. We have got used to eating a bag of crisps with our pint, or eating a cake with our coffee. Maybe we are shopping and eating in the way we did when we were young and active.

For some of us, it is an expression of difficult feelings about ourselves. If we feel unloved, worthless, unattractive, lonely, betrayed, ashamed or guilty, or any number of complex emotions, then we might overeat in order to feel better, to feel in control.

Hypnotherapy deals with these unhelpful feelings. Once you feel comfortable again about who you are, you will have the confidence and the energy to reorganise your eating patterns. Learning to love ourselves, warts and all.

Added on 16.08.2010

Eat 3 meals a day to lose weight, and Breakfast like a King

Eat your 3 meals a day and keep your brain resourced with glucose. And then you will have the willpower to limit what you eat for each meal. read more

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