Blog: August 2011

Fat ladies dancing

Do you remember the Roly Polys? They were Les Dawson's dance group. Most of them were overweight, one certainly obese, but they danced really well. read more

Added on 25.08.2011

It's happening again

We seem to fear that bad events come back again and again. So we are ready for it, all wound up waiting for misery. It doesn't have to be like this. read more

Added on 24.08.2011

This shouldn't happen to me!

This shouldn't happen to me? Why not? Sadly the world is not set up for our personal ease. That won't change, but we can change our response. read more

Added on 17.08.2011

The Devil Wears Prada and overeating

There are lots of psychologists and neuroscientists helping the food industry to get us to make their choices. read more

Added on 16.08.2011

How to worry

Learning to spot the onset of worry can help you regain control. Persistent worrying is a habit that you can learn to overcome quite quickly. read more

Added on 08.08.2011

Take care who you sit next to!

Without realising it, our eating is affected by the person we sit next to. read more

Added on 04.08.2011

Control freaks

Control freaks won't compromise for fear of losing control. Compliance empowers them. If you are the freak or the compliant, hypnotherapy will help. read more

Added on 01.08.2011

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