Blog: August 2014

Hypnosis helps you change your perception of the world

Hypnosis unlocks our natural ability to alter our perception - seeing colours, feeling pain etc. Hypnosis is a skill and we get better with practice. read more

Added on 26.08.2014

How casino companies ensnare problem gamblers

Research shows that problem gamblers respond to a near miss in the same way as they respond to a win. Casinos can hook them with this. read more

Added on 21.08.2014

Blushing can be self-fulfilling

We all blush, but some of us find it disrupts our lives. We worry that we will blush and that worry make us blush. Hypnotherapy can help. read more

Added on 14.08.2014

Anxiety makes us more aware of potential threats

Anxiety is maintained by the ways we think and the things we do. They keep us on standby, always on the lookout for things to go wrong. read more

Added on 11.08.2014

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