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Christmas stuffing

Now is a good time to weigh ourselves and witness the damage. Very few of us will have put on less than 2 pounds. Unless we take action, this weight will still be there next Christmas. Weigh yourself now and decide to be cautious over New Year so that the extra weight doesn't grow further. Over Christmas we are unusually inactive and unusualy well-fed. When we get back to our normal way of life, we can take a little action to get that excess weight off. For now, while we are still in the holiday mood, the most we can hope for is to not put any more on!

Added on 29.12.2010

Dieting causes a preoccupation with food

People whose food intake has been reduced - in war or famine as well as restrictive diets - usually regain pretty quickly whatever weight they lost. read more

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Worry is correlated with obesity

This interesting graph shows how worrying is closely linked to obesity. In China, where obesity rates are low, worrying is also low. In the UK, worry rates are high, and obesity is high too. The US comes out tops. This chart is from Ipsos Public Affairs, Global Advisor. Worrying makes you ill in a number of other ways, not just obesity. It lowers your immune system too.

Correlation between worry and obesity

Added on 02.12.2010

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