Blog: December 2011

It's our thoughts that make us anxious

The way we think about our situation affects our feelings and our actions. If we act like Mrs Assertive, we are more likely to achieve our goals. read more

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Reduce stress and get well

Reducing stress has been shown to improve the survival outcomes for people with serious illnesses. And it can help you stay healthy too. read more

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DIY anxiety management

The most effective way to deal with anxiety and worry is through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This is what I use, alongside hypnosis, which has been shown to speed up the process. But nowadays technology has been harnessed to help you. There are great online therapy courses and there are now apps for your smart phone. So, there are lots of ways now to feel better. No reason to hang on to your worries and anxiety and the misery it causes you.

The technology-based therapies can be used on their own, but if you want a helping hand, then contact me. I have gone modern too, and offer therapy on the phone supported by hypnosis cds which have been prepared just for you, to deal with your specific problems. For some people this is great, as it is anonymous. You don't need to say who you are. And I continue to offer face-to-face therapy sessions in Glasgow and Annan.

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Anger management

Anger damages our relationships. But it also increases the risk of stroke, depression, alcoholism and lowers general immunity. read more

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