Blog: February 2011

Do you think other people think you are fat?

We often worry that other people think we are fat, when in fact they are not bothered one way or the other. read more

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The importance of keeping a record

Keeping records is important and effective when we are trying to manage our weight. read more

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Why do we gain weight?

By becoming aware of the daily risks, spotting the eating habits that make us put on weight, we can learn to manage our weight effectively. read more

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Diet, deny and deprive

If the diet industry was effective in getting us to lose weight, instead of growing, it would be in decline. But diets only work for a short time. read more

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Chronic pain is a major cause of anxiety

There was an excellent Horizon programme about pain yesterday. Pain is a perception, it is a learned behaviour, and as such, you can learn to be less sensitive to it. You will remember your mum telling you not to make a fuss. She knew that the more you focus on pain, the worse it feels.

Hypnosis is used to alleviate cancer pain, chronic pain, stump pain, to assist with childbirth. For surgery it allows a lower dose of analgesics drugs and can avoid the need for general anaesthetic where this would be dangerous for the patient.

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