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The truth about exercise

Many of us take up exercise to help us lose weight, but on its own it doesn't work. It takes 50 mins running to burn off a Mars bar. read more

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What is self-confidence

Unkind and critical self-talk can ruin our self-confidence. We start to believe that we will never be any good and it is not worth trying. But it is!! read more

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I am on holiday at the moment. I realise that my normal routines have gone out the window. I don't really know what I am eating, let alone the calorie load. And I am meeting more people than on a usual work day, with a cup of coffee or a drink, maybe a piece of cake.

In the past I would have worried throughout the holiday, wanting to enjoy myself but feeling guilty and worried that I was just putting on extra weight. But I am more relaxed these days! I am on holiday and have given myself permission to enjoy myself. None of us can do a lot of damage to our weight in just a couple of weeks. So you can enjoy your holiday meals and drinks without any guilt trips. On the other hand, it is not an opportunity to let rip!

These guilty feelings don't help us to achieve our goals. If you are wanting to lose weight, then feeling bad about yourself doesn't offer any practical solution. The hypnotherapy that I practice allows you to develop a new way of eating that is sustainable and easy, without any misery or anxiety.

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