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IBS has many symptoms, so diagnosis can be difficult

There are lots of possible symptoms of IBS. Here is a list of possible IBS symptoms. read more

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Why is my willpower so weak?

Willpower can be developed. If you practice doing things that are a bit uncomfortable or a bit unpleasant, then you will strengthen your willpower. read more

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Enteric nervous system - your second brain!

Follow this link if you want to bone up on the enteric nervous system, the system controlling all the goings on in your gut.

The nervous system in your gut is almost as complex as your brain. Amazingly the gut can (if necessary) work on its own, without any connections to your brain. Because is so similar in terms of structure, we are sometimes offered anti-depressants to deal with the symptoms of IBS. That also may be why hypnotherapy is so useful.

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And now for the science - a bit of anatomy

Understanding your insides can help you control the symptoms of IBS read more

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What is a portion?

A Beefeater restaurant steak plate from the 1960s (seen in an antiques shop recently) looked really small to me. read more

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Dieting Day on Womans Hour

97% of people who diet regain the weight lost. Most diets work for a short time. There is an alternative to dieting. read more

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Stress is implicated in IBS

The brain areas of interest in IBS also light up for stress. Researchers have discovered that with IBS, the Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC) responds to distension of the rectum (this is the bit they were researching, but it is suggestive that it might also apply to other parts of the gut). The ACC is also the area which responds to anxiety, stressful life events and failures to cope properly.

These research findings support observations that there are connections between psychological distress and IBS, along with a greater sensitivity to pain. This is one of the reasons perhaps that hypnosis works so well. Hypnosis is a powerful treatment for all forms of anxiety. I shall write more shortly about work done on the brain-gut link.

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