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NewYear resolutions

NewYear resolutions read more

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Shifting those holiday pounds

It is normally just a few pounds, and getting back to our normal routines will shift some of them. But we can do a few things to speed the process? read more

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In dieting, persistence is all, but there is an alternative

Research shows that those whose food intake is limited (for example through dieting) typically regain weight after intake restraints are removed. read more

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Developing coping skills

Hypnotherapy helps you to focus sharply on difficult situations, so you can examine what might help you cope rather than feeling overwhelmed. read more

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Most of our worry predictions don't come true

We can learn from this experience.


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New Year resolutions

According to an article in the Herald this week, most of us stick to our resolutions for only a few days. And yet most of us would like to make changes in the coming year. One of the things that helps, they said, is social support. Telling your friends and family about your plans will get them to help monitor your! The things that did not work is reliance on willpower. Willpower is part of the regulation system managed by the prefrontal cortex, and it is very fragile. Even a bit of decision making has been shown to lower resistance to temptation. But there are ways in which you can successfully change your behaviour and get back in control. Hypnosis is one of them. Give me a call and see how it can work for you.

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According to the Scotsman yesterday, there are more Christmas pounds this year due to most of us staying in because of the snow. read more

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