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Lying in bed worrying about not sleeping makes sleep even harder! You can deal with the insomnia and the worrying with CBT and hypnosis. read more

Added on 23.01.2012

The beauty ideal changes with fashion

When Rubens was painting, voluptuous women were considered beautiful. Attractiveness stereotypes have been with us for centuries, but the particular ideal changes with fashion.

The current beauty ideal is unrealistically thin. Using younger and younger models, with immature body shapes, demonstrates how unrealistic it is. And as the beauty ideal gets thinner, real women have been getting bigger. So the difference between ideal and actual just keeps growing. In times of famine, people tend to get thin. When food is freely available, people get fat. We in the Western world have easy access to plentiful supplies of the widest range of palatable foods at very low prices. Thus the social pressure to achieve unrealistically thin bodies is even harder because at the same time we are receiving messages to eat. Particularly messages to eat for fun.

To help you maintain a healthy body image in a healthy body, try hypnosis.

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How do regular bedtimes help?

The Princes Trust report that children growing up in a home with strong routines and structures are happier as adults. This includes regular bedtimes. read more

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