Blog: January 2013

How to become resilient

Every day, make a note of a few things, three maybe, that you enjoyed or that went well, or indeed did not turn out to be the disaster you predicted. Writing them down can help.

Then think about why it happened. Was it a happy coincidence? Was it because you took some action - made a phone call, for example, or took the plunge into something you have been avoiding maybe.

Then consider how you feel about this good thing. Why do you value it? What does it tell you? And next, how can you get more of it?When things are enjoyable, then why not give yourself some more? If something worked, then do it again.Rather than dwell on all the problems in our lives, which just make us feel bad, this technique helps us to get things in perspective, by getting as much benefit as we can from the good things that we experience.

Added on 30.01.2013

How society affects our self-image

There is huge social pressure on women in particular to be slim, even though we come in all shapes and sizes. read more

Added on 19.01.2013

I just can't stop worrying

Setting ourselves unreasonably high standards can make us worry when things don't go according to our rigid plans. Easing up on yourself will help. read more

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