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No time to exercise? Start fidgeting; sitting still is bad for you!

Throughout the day, move about and fidget as much as possible. Seek out opportunities to make more effort. Walk whenever possible. Be inefficient. read more

Added on 28.07.2010

Small changes every week

When we go on a diet, we tend to revolutionise our eating habits. We buy special food, we eat at set times, we avoid certain foods. Lots of rules to follow. Whatever the diet, it is usually very different from your usual style of eating. And probably different from what everyone else in the house eats too.

As a result, once you have lost the desired weight, this revolutionary style of eating stops too. And all the weight gets back on. Rather than making a huge change in your eating pattern, why not make just a few, small changes and stick to them till they become automatic. Small but significant. For example, give up eating in front of the telly. Simple and effective.

Hypnotherapy can help you to find out the change that will make the biggest impact for you.

Added on 25.07.2010

What gets you eating? And how can you stop?

For some of us, we eat because the food is there. So, in the evening, after you've eaten your meal, you raid the cupboards. read more

Added on 21.07.2010

Snacks make you fat

If you want to lose weight, exercise is the second thing to do. The first is to eat less, and the indulgent foods are easier to give up than meals. read more

Added on 19.07.2010

Modern standards of beauty are unachievable

Advances in technology and in particular the rise of the mass media has caused normal concerns about how we look to become obsessions. read more

Added on 16.07.2010

Rocker bottom shoes

I am wearing a pair this week. They are expensive! But do they work? Well, this is what I have noticed. They make every step a bit more effortful, and in mine, I feel that I am pushing my heel up noticeably, with each step. As a result, I am aware of the muscles in the lower part of my bum being worked more.

They are not advisable for pregnant women or those with instability. I think they are worth a try, along with your pedometer. 6,000 steps a day as a baseline! Another aid, like hypnosis, to making healthy decisions!

Added on 14.07.2010

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