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Secret sugar

Americans consume on average 135 pounds of sugar a year. That is nearly 3 pounds a week! read more

Added on 28.07.2011

MRC research says that diets don't work

A report published by the Medical Research Council demonstrates that once you gain weight, dieting does not help you to lose it. read more

Added on 26.07.2011

Get an IBS diagnosis first

The symptoms of IBS are not exclusive to IBS. Getting a doctor's diagnosis means other illnesses can be ruled out. read more

Added on 25.07.2011

How to control worrying

Chronic worriers probably try loads of ways to control their worrying. But somehow they don't work. The worries keep coming. Clearly these techniques are not working.

What is going on here then? What about trying hard not to think about the worry? I think most of us have tried this. But the more you try not to think about something, paradoxically, the more it is in the forefront of your mind. Your mind keeps coming back to it again and again. Frustrating and depressing. The thing is, if you try actively not to think about something, you have to think about it in order not to think about it. Mmm. So that method is not going to work.

Added on 21.07.2011

On-line therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy has been shown to be effective. As a result, both the Scottish Government and the UK Government have been seeking to extend its availability. The internet has made this possible. DIY therapy is well worth a go.

Living Life to the Full is a free online cognitive behavioural therapy course. It is devised by Chris Williams, Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at the University of Glasgow. It is highly interactive and you can work on a single issue or a complete course. Very easy to use and fantastic content. It is worth giving it a try. And if you find it is useful, but you need a bit of help, then get in touch with me. The addition of hypnosis speeds things along and hypnotic relaxation is very easy and extraordinarily deep - a good skill to learn for anyone.

Added on 14.07.2011

Dealing with resentment

If you are feeling resentful, maybe you are being too nice, too compliant. Learn to express your legitimate needs and desires in a helpful way. read more

Added on 11.07.2011

Most people prefer CBT as part of treatment for anxiety

CBT has been shown to work. It is recommended by NICE, and clients like it too. It is flexible and relevant, fast, safe and effective. Give it a try! read more

Added on 10.07.2011

Overcoming phobias

One of the features of phobias is avoidance of the scary thing or situation. Not giving presentations, not looking at spiders, which makes it worse read more

Added on 09.07.2011

Struggling to lose weight

You may be one of those people who seems to be constantly struggling with your weight. read more

Added on 09.07.2011

Anxiety is normal.

We will never get rid of all anxiety. It has its place to protect us from risk. But too much anxiety too often gets in the way of our everyday lives. read more

Added on 08.07.2011

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