Blog: June 2010

Trans fats in the news

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence is recommending that all food manufacturers stop using transfats. read more

Added on 22.06.2010

On a diet? Again?

If you are back on a diet again to try to control your weight, then you will have learned something. read more

Added on 15.06.2010

Just a 100 calories a day

I am not a great one for counting calories, but I know that 100 calories is not a lot. It is 2,000 steps. Walking from one bus-stop to the next or using the stairs at work. Or half a bag of crisps or a small bar of chocolate.

J. O. Hill, H. R. Wyatt, G. W. Reed, and J. C. Peters (2003) report in the magazine Science that an increase in net expenditure of 100 calories a day can stop the increase in obesity in 90% of the population. Just walking an extra 2,000 steps, you might never gain another pound.

Added on 11.06.2010

Food ads encourage unhealthy diets

The June 2010 edition of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association includes an interesting study reviewing food commercials on TV in the US. read more

Added on 07.06.2010

Quick checklist for weight control

Here are some simple techniques to help you curb your unhelpful eating behaviours. read more

Added on 03.06.2010

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