Blog: June 2011

Post traumatic stress disorder

PTSD is a serious anxiety disorder, mostly affecting soldiers but also people involved in accidents or assault. read more

Added on 27.06.2011

You don't need to analyse everything!

Humans are special in that they can comtemplate the future and reflect on the past. But this great skill also means we risk over-analysing. read more

Added on 22.06.2011

What we do at the weekend can affect our weight

Your eating pattern is one of the first things that I ask about when I meet with a new weight loss client. read more

Added on 17.06.2011

Developing resilience

Resilience allows you to cope well with stressful life events and helps you enjoy life and feel good. It's about skills. So you can learn resilience. read more

Added on 04.06.2011

A bit about gastric bands

Gastric bands do seem like a wonderful solution to being overweight. read more

Added on 02.06.2011

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