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Read the label

I looked at the label on a cheesecake in the supermarket today. Over 1400 calories per 100g. That is all right then, I will only eat a slice. But then it read Normal 70g slice (1/6 of the cheesecake) over 1,000 calories. Half a day's calories in one slice. And if it were me, one slice would not be enough. Truly shocking. It is these indulgent treats, on the whole, that make us fat.

Hypnotherapy can help you give up the need for a treat every day. Treating ourselves once in a while is nice. Having a food treat every day heaps on the weight. Check the label and prepare to be shocked.

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Blushing can make us feel awkward and ashamed. We feel others will think we are incompetent and this lowers our self-esteem. Hypnotherapy can help. read more

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Sit less and lose weight

A study by University of Massachusetts Amherst researcher Barry Braun compared a group of volunteers who sat all day (they even used wheelchairs to visit the bathroom) to a group that didn't sit down at all. The difference in energy expenditure, he told The New York Times, was hundreds of calories – but the level of appetite hormones and hunger in the two groups remained identical. This is significant, because after a very hard workout, you feel hungry. And hundreds of calories a day - let's say 200 - means half a pound weight loss each week.

So how can we use this insight? Sit less. Stand rather than sit at work if you can. Fidget, get up and down if you are watching the telly. Even unvigorous movement uses up those calories.

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What's the problem with dieting?

Well, it is great for a few weeks so you can squeeze back into an outfit for a special event, like a wedding or the summer holiday. read more

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