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Hypnosis works for managing anxiety

Anxiety has a purpose. It makes us more alert and ready for action. But too much anxiety causes stress and more anxiety. But anxiety can be controlled read more

Added on 06.03.2013

Keep taking the medicine

If there were a medicine that helped you feel good about yourself and greatly reduced your risk of cardiovascular disease, would you take it regularly?

This medicine is exercise. The Surgeon General in America says this: "I want to encourage you to eat more nutritiously, exercise regularly, and maintain healthier lifestyles."

What could you do to increase your level of exercise? I am not talking here about obsessive joggers or wearing pink shiny gymwear, but just adding a few more steps a day. 2,000 more steps a day could stop you gaining weight. How much walking is that? Probably the gap between 2 bus-stops (not in the countryside though - that can be miles!)

Get a pedometer and check your current activity level in steps. Then see what you could do to boost that by just 2,000 steps. To boost your motivation, try hypnosis.

Added on 01.03.2013

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