Blog: May 2010

IBS and gut flora

Symptoms of IBS may be insufficient gut microbes - not enough kinds of them and not enough millions of them. Or not enough water. read more

Added on 26.05.2010

Why are the French so slim?

The French don't snack. They eat meals at a table and once finished they don't eat any more. read more

Added on 21.05.2010

Does the sight of food make you hungry? Then read on...

Did you know that if you put a jar of sweets on your desk then you eat more than if you have to walk just a few paces to get them? read more

Added on 13.05.2010

Stress and its effect on your weight

Learning to manage stress will help you stop comfort eating. Hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to control stress. read more

Added on 03.05.2010

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