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Panic attacks and fear of fainting

One of the causes of panic attacks is overbreathing, which is a physiologic response to anxiety. Changing your style of breathing will help. read more

Added on 26.05.2011

How do we get fat?

Is it eating too much or exercising too little? Well, it is probably more complicated than that. read more

Added on 23.05.2011

The man and I are eating the same, but he stays thin. Why?

Sad, perhaps, but true. Women need less energy to run their bodies than men do, and therefore need to eat less than men, even of the same weight, height, age etc etc etc. So it follows that if you eat the same as your man, unless he is really teeny weeny, then either he will shrivel away to nothing or the woman will put on weight.

Women's portions need to be smaller than men's. How can we achieve this? The easiest way is to use a smaller plate yourself. This will make it easier for you to estimate a healthier portion. Large plates give us a subliminal message that large portions are okay.

When you have got used to using a smaller plate (it takes a weekend), you no longer have to think about food all the time. Your plate size does it for you.

Added on 17.05.2011

The pressure to be thin

It wasn't always so. Female body shapes are required to change in response to fashion. Which means we must change our bodies in order to meet the fashion. Bodies themselves still come in all shapes and sizes. Thank goodness we don't suffer from fashion in height (though there is some pressure for girls in China to go through suffering in order to lengthen their legs, so maybe that will come.) After the war, when people had been hungry, putting on a bit of plump was a sign that you were doing well again.

Added on 13.05.2011

6 tips I wish my mother had taught me

Teaching healthy eating habits and helping to foster a positive body image could spare your daughter from a weight problem and low self-esteem. read more

Added on 11.05.2011

How ads make us want to be thin

We get a lot of information from the media. Some of what we get from the media is what a woman ought to be like. read more

Added on 11.05.2011

Good eating habits to help you manage your weight

To lose weight, we need to change our eating habits. A crash diet might help in the short term, but we can't eat like that for months on end. read more

Added on 09.05.2011

Overeating sometimes is inevitable, but not a disaster

Celebration is a very positive and important role for food. Overeating at special events is nothing to worry about. read more

Added on 08.05.2011

The vicious cycle of social anxiety

This chart shows how social anxiety feeds on itself.

social anxiety

Added on 07.05.2011

Self consciousness

Our thoughts about what other people are thining are biased by our own attitudes. We imagine they are unkind and critical. And this makes us feel bad. read more

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What if disaster strikes?

Worrying can make disaster seem a frequent outcome, but disasters are rare. Scary worries stop us taking action to make things better. read more

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