Blog: May 2012

Measuring the waist is better than using the scales

Apparently, since the 1950s, waistlines have gone up from an average of 28 inches then to 34 inches now. read more

Added on 20.05.2012

What if..?

When we What if? we go from one possible worry up the ladder to even more terrible possibilities. Scary, but unlikely. No wonder we get anxious! read more

Added on 12.05.2012

Unconscious eating

Most of what we do every day is determined not by conscious intention or deliberate choice, but by our unconscious and automatic responses read more

Added on 09.05.2012

Performance anxiety

Public speaking gets most of us anxious. The very thought gets us going. We avoid promotions, can't be Best Man. Yet it is easily and speedily treated read more

Added on 08.05.2012

Men and women put on weight for different reasons

Researchers have studied the explanations we give for gaining weight, and it shows that men and women give different causes. read more

Added on 03.05.2012

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