Blog: May 2013

When you can't sleep

Anxiety and worry can stop us dropping off to sleep. Depression and low mood may be a cause of waking early and being unable to get back to sleep. read more

Added on 30.05.2013

Portion sizes have doubled, and we didn't even notice!

Portion sizes have doubled over the last 20 years. read more

Added on 28.05.2013

Knowing what anxiety is helps you to control it

The fight or flight response when we experience fear sends powerful hormones flooding through our body. There are other hormones which relax us. read more

Added on 19.05.2013

7 ways to reduce anxiety and and stress

Anxiety is the new normal. We have become used to a high level of stress in our lives.What to do. read more

Added on 12.05.2013

How to ruin our own self-confidence

Self-confidence is pretty fragile for most of us. That Inner Moaner always spots the risks and problems. But you can learn to switch it off. read more

Added on 11.05.2013

Dieting is not the only solution - but there will be a solution that works for you.

There is no one right answer to deal with weight loss. Everyone is different. Finding an approach that fits your lifestyle is he key. read more

Added on 10.05.2013

Carbs - should you be cutting them out of your diet?

Low carb and no carb diets for weight loss. Will they work for you? Many of my clients tell me they have given up potatoes. They never mention sugar. read more

Added on 05.05.2013

How anxiety makes us fear the worst

Just because you think it doesn't mean it is true. There is a big difference between thoughts and fact. Show me the evidence! read more

Added on 04.05.2013

Why do you want to lose weight anyway?

There is a lot of social pressure on us to be thin, and as a result we tend to have very negative attitudes towards our bodies. read more

Added on 02.05.2013

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