Blog: May 2014

Holding back on relationships while waiting for the mythical soulmate

The myth of the soulmate encourages us to follow our feelings, but they are constantly changing. Not a stable basis for important decisions. read more

Added on 28.05.2014

Am I ill? All these symptoms and no diagnosis

If the doctor advises that you are well, but you have all these symptoms, what can you do? read more

Added on 24.05.2014

Industrial food producers marketing cares nothing about health

You may believe you choose what you eat and drink. But the fabulously skilled marketers working for Big Food producers make the decisions for you. read more

Added on 04.05.2014

Eating habits that cause weight gain

It is not just what you eat but how you eat. Change the way you eat to manage your weight easily and automatically read more

Added on 03.05.2014

Negotiating - scary like public speaking?

Public speaking is the No 1 anxiety reason for seeking help. See me for just 2 sessions to be fine! Then tackle negotiation. Here are some great tips. read more

Added on 01.05.2014

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