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How does hypnosis help with weight control?

Hypnosis is about suggestion. If you decide to give up puddings, that decision is reinforced by suggestions that you no longer wish to eat puddings. read more

Added on 22.11.2010

Mindless munching

What are your outside of mealtimes eating habits? Recognising them will help you give them up so you can manage your weight. Hypnosis will help too. read more

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Don't drink your calories

Think of fizzy pop as liquid sweeties. Irn-Bru contains over 140 calories in an 330ml can. That is more than 9 teaspoons of sugar. read more

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People on diets are more sensitive to food cues

Well, I think that most of us know this. When we are on diets, we are actively restraining ourselves from eating. Research has shown that this leads to attentional bias towards food cues. That is, we are more alert to things that make us think of eating, such as advertisements, cakes on display in a shop, the smell of cooking. And the more we think about food, the more likely we are to overeat. If in addition, you are someone who already has a tendency to want to eat when you see food, then this attentional bias is increased. One more reason why diets fail.

Hypnotherapy can help you to think less about food instead of obsessing, and to develop healthier eating habits.

Added on 17.11.2010

Going hungry as a weight loss technique

Going without a meal is frequently used as a weight control method, often as a response to overindulgence the day before. read more

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