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To sleep, perchance to dream

Dreaming allows us to reprocess the emotional experience of the day when we are relaxed and calm. A form of overnight therapy. read more

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How to lose weight

Research shows that diets don't work, but that is the approach most of us take. Frequent small changes to our eating works best. read more

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Why do most diets fail us?

Most sorts of diets involve limiting the range of foods we can eat. Any restriction of this kind will result in weight loss. So a grapefruit and sausage diet will result in weight loss.

The problem is that we can't sustain this sort of diet for a long time. It would make us miserable and eventually will make us unwell, because we need a wide range of nutrients to keep us healthy. Once we have lost the weight we usually go back to our old ways, and those old ways were the cause of the increased weight. And many of us give up long before the weight has gone.

Instead of a fancy diet, we need to find a way of eating that fits our preferences and our way of life, so that we can lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for ever. Hypnotherapy will help you identify this for you. Quickly and effectively.

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Managing your weight

Purposeful weight management involves behaviour change. Eating differently. And in fact it is not really about managing weight either. read more

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IBS is not just one thing

IBS is a complex of different symptoms without physical damage to your gut. read more

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