Blog: October 2010

Eating and low mood

Anxiety, depression and negative body image can have an impact on your eating habits and nutrition. read more

Added on 28.10.2010

Get off the scales

Scales addiction: an affliction that causes the sufferer, usually someone on a diet, to step on the scales multiple times a day. read more

Added on 24.10.2010

When I am thin, I will be happy

Will you really? Do you truly believe that all thin people are happy? Women's magazines seem to be full of stories of sad thin (and famous) people. read more

Added on 06.10.2010

Eating and our emotions

Sometimes we eat for emotional reasons. To comfort ourselves. To avoid difficult situations. If we are worried about our weight, this behaviour just makes us miserable. But we still do it.

This blog on the whole gives tips on practical ways to reduce our eating in a sustainable way. But if we talk to ourselves in unhelpful ways, calling ourselves ugly, fat, useless, then we are not feeling emotionally strong enough to focus on our weight.

With hypnosis, you can get yourself emotionally stronger, ready to take on the project of managing our weight. In a businesslike, healthy and calm way, without any nasty name-calling.

Added on 02.10.2010

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