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Resilience and how to develop it

Rather than dwelling on our problems, resilience training helps us to get things in perspective. read more

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Joanna Lumley resolved panic attacks with hypnosis

Joanna Lumley suffered panic attacks. Melvyn Bragg suffered from depression. This kinds of problems are very common and treatable with hypnosis. read more

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Overweight in youngsters

Childhood obesity is a problem in Scotland. As the Government reports, in 2009 almost a third of children were outwith the healthy weight range. read more

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Some people say that they have always been very negative and pessimistic. It seems unchangeable, they were born that way. And of course it is true that we each have different temperaments. But being pessimistic is in part a habit. It is a particular way of thinking. And the good news is that you can learn a new way of thinking so that you don't always fear the worst outcome and feel your self-confidence taking another beating.

It is not so much about positive thinking, but realistic thinking. Pessimists sometimes discount the evidence in front of them. Just a few sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy, and you will find that you can think in a more helpful, realistic way, and feel better.

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The wandering mind is not a happy one

We are happiest when we are focused closely on an absorbing activity. But 47% of our time is spent thinking about what is not going on! read more

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How to stop those cravings

Cravings seem to arise out of the blue and we are overcome with the need to eat the craved item read more

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