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Constantly anxious? Don't suffer any more. There is effective help.

Chronic anxiety leads to long term health problems - IBS, insomnia, depression, heart disease. Get back on track with hypnotherapy.
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Building resilience - tolerating frustration

Resilience training is about gradually change your attitudes from verging on the rigid towards more flexible, so that you can adapt, no matter what.
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I just can't stop worrying

Setting ourselves unreasonably high standards can make us worry when things don't go according to our rigid plans. Easing up on yourself will help.
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Problem solving therapy

Problem solving training helps you feel more in control and able to cope. It helps you manage worry and anxiety. And it is a particular skill.
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Resilience and how to develop it

Rather than dwelling on our problems, resilience training helps us to get things in perspective.
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The wandering mind is not a happy one

We are happiest when we are focused closely on an absorbing activity. But 47% of our time is spent thinking about what is not going on!
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Worrying doesn't solve our problems

Here are simple tried and tested DIY techniques for getting worries and anxieties under control. If you need help and support, come and see me.
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It's happening again

We seem to fear that bad events come back again and again. So we are ready for it, all wound up waiting for misery. It doesn't have to be like this.
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This shouldn't happen to me!

This shouldn't happen to me? Why not? Sadly the world is not set up for our personal ease. That won't change, but we can change our response.
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How to worry

Learning to spot the onset of worry can help you regain control. Persistent worrying is a habit that you can learn to overcome quite quickly.
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Developing resilience

Resilience allows you to cope well with stressful life events and helps you enjoy life and feel good. It's about skills. So you can learn resilience.
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Some tips on overcoming your worry tendencies

Lots of us overemphasis the risk of danger and unemphasise our ability to cope. We remember the failures, not the successes. But you can change!
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Does worry help you to understand your problems?

Does worry help you to understand your problems?
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Developing coping skills

Hypnotherapy helps you to focus sharply on difficult situations, so you can examine what might help you cope rather than feeling overwhelmed.
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