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Obessive thoughts

Obsessive thoughts cause considerable distress. They just won't stop. But there is an effective treatment.
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Holding back on relationships while waiting for the mythical soulmate

The myth of the soulmate encourages us to follow our feelings, but they are constantly changing. Not a stable basis for important decisions.
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Worrying about your health? Unexplained symptoms?

Chest pain, palpitations, numbness, tingling, any other symptoms? After some checks, your doctor tells you there is nothing wrong. How is that then?
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I feel anxious all the time. What if it never goes away?

This fear that we cannot control these anxious feelings can make us dread normal life. We stay off work, avoid our friends, feeling worse and worse.
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What if..?

When we What if? we go from one possible worry up the ladder to even more terrible possibilities. Scary, but unlikely. No wonder we get anxious!
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Some people say that they have always been very negative and pessimistic. It seems unchangeable, they were born that way. And of course it is true that we each have different temperaments. But being pessimistic is in part a habit. It is a particular way of thinking. And the good news is that you can learn a new way of thinking so that you don't always fear the worst outcome and feel your self-confidence taking another beating.

It is not so much about positive thinking, but realistic thinking. Pessimists sometimes discount the evidence in front of them. Just a few sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy, and you will find that you can think in a more helpful, realistic way, and feel better.

What if disaster strikes?

Worrying can make disaster seem a frequent outcome, but disasters are rare. Scary worries stop us taking action to make things better.
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Oh no, what if something awful happens?

When we are anxious we become very alert to potential sources of danger and overestimate the risk and severity. What about learning to relax?
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NewYear resolutions

NewYear resolutions
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