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Anxious teenage modern-day hermits

School refusers, anxious young people afraid of leaving their bedrooms. All this seems to coincide with the growth of smartphones. read more

Added on 06.03.2018

Blushing can be self-fulfilling

We all blush, but some of us find it disrupts our lives. We worry that we will blush and that worry make us blush. Hypnotherapy can help. read more

Added on 14.08.2014


Blushing can make us feel awkward and ashamed. We feel others will think we are incompetent and this lowers our self-esteem. Hypnotherapy can help. read more

Added on 12.03.2012

The vicious cycle of social anxiety

This chart shows how social anxiety feeds on itself.

social anxiety

Added on 07.05.2011

Self consciousness

Our thoughts about what other people are thining are biased by our own attitudes. We imagine they are unkind and critical. And this makes us feel bad. read more

Added on 03.05.2011

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