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Needle phobia and fear of fainting gets sorted with hypnotherapy

Needle or blood phobia can trigger fainting or panic. Hypnotherapy is fast, effective and safe.
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3 things to know about panic attacks

Panic attacks seem to be come out of the blue. It can be overwhelming and terrifying. And fear of another attack can hold us back from life.
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Panic attacks. Hypnotherapy is shown to be effective.

Panic attacks can feel like a heart attack, so some people end up in A&E. Hypnotherapy is effective for full and long-term recovery.
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Worrying that you are seriously ill?

Undiagnosed symptoms can be very alarming. The symptoms are real but the doctor tells you there is nothing wrong. What is going on?
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Anxiety makes us more aware of potential threats

Anxiety is maintained by the ways we think and the things we do. They keep us on standby, always on the lookout for things to go wrong.
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Am I ill? All these symptoms and no diagnosis

If the doctor advises that you are well, but you have all these symptoms, what can you do?
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Constantly anxious? Don't suffer any more. There is effective help.

Chronic anxiety leads to long term health problems - IBS, insomnia, depression, heart disease. Get back on track with hypnotherapy.
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I feel anxious all the time. What if it never goes away?

This fear that we cannot control these anxious feelings can make us dread normal life. We stay off work, avoid our friends, feeling worse and worse.
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CBT and psychodynamic therapy - is one more effective for anxiety disorders?

Arguments rage over whether CBT (a brief therapy) is less effective than psychodynamic therapy, which is holistic and takes much longer. Well, is it?
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Out of the blue

Our brains response to an anxiety trigger immediately, automatically. The trigger might be hard to spot, but we can manage the symptoms.
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Joanna Lumley resolved panic attacks with hypnosis

Joanna Lumley suffered panic attacks. Melvyn Bragg suffered from depression. This kinds of problems are very common and treatable with hypnosis.
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Panic attacks and fear of fainting

One of the causes of panic attacks is overbreathing, which is a physiologic response to anxiety. Changing your style of breathing will help.
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