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Boost your resilience with these 4 tips

Building resilience strengthens your self-esteem and develops a deep sense of lasting self-confidence. read more

Added on 17.02.2018

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis still remains a bit of a mystery, with emotional and physical changes happening without conscious effort. How does this happen? read more

Added on 28.03.2017

Insomnia. Our body clock has a powerful effect on our sleep quality

Our bodies respond really powerfully to daylight, not just our eyes, but every part of us. Knowing this can help us improve our quality of sleep. read more

Added on 26.01.2014

Constantly anxious? Don't suffer any more. There is effective help.

Chronic anxiety leads to long term health problems - IBS, insomnia, depression, heart disease. Get back on track with hypnotherapy. read more

Added on 06.01.2014

Worries and anxieties can interfere with refreshing sleep

Having a refreshing night's sleep is wonderful. We take it for granted most of the time. Interrupted or unrefreshing sleep, can make us miserable. read more

Added on 21.06.2013

When you can't sleep

Anxiety and worry can stop us dropping off to sleep. Depression and low mood may be a cause of waking early and being unable to get back to sleep. read more

Added on 30.05.2013

How to sleep better

If you can't sleep because of worry then get help for managing worry. Otherwise you will worry about not getting to sleep. Here are some sleep tips. read more

Added on 21.04.2013

Sleep problems

There is no need to suffer poor sleep. A combination of changing your routines and the way you think will get you back to deep refreshing sleep. read more

Added on 04.04.2012


Lying in bed worrying about not sleeping makes sleep even harder! You can deal with the insomnia and the worrying with CBT and hypnosis. read more

Added on 23.01.2012

How do regular bedtimes help?

The Princes Trust report that children growing up in a home with strong routines and structures are happier as adults. This includes regular bedtimes. read more

Added on 07.01.2012

To sleep, perchance to dream

Dreaming allows us to reprocess the emotional experience of the day when we are relaxed and calm. A form of overnight therapy. read more

Added on 24.11.2011

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