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Overcoming needle phobia

Hypnosis trance logic is a bit like dreaming. Hypnosis offers creative solutions to needle phobia - fast, effective and safe.
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How hypnosis improves health

Hypnosis and similar mind-body interventions have been shown to reverse damage to DNA caused by stress, reducing the risk of disease.
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Postal HIV test

When I was in London the other day, I came across a poster advertising postal HIV tests. This is a great idea. It is supported by the Terence Higgins Trust.

From time to time I work with people who are struggling with the guilt from an unnecessary and potential damaging sexual encounter. They are anxious about the impact on their permanent relationship and are wracked with shame and remorse. I can help them remember not to do it again and learn from their mistake. Sometimes we forget to value our important relationships.

But some are also anxious about HIV and infecting their loved one. Making their foolish sexual encounter even more of a disaster. So this postal test is really helpful.

Self-esteem is damaged by society's views of the perfect body

Society's view of beauty changes over time. In the 1600s, the ideal woman was soft and curvy. Not these days! Men now have body image problems too.
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Worrying that you are seriously ill?

Undiagnosed symptoms can be very alarming. The symptoms are real but the doctor tells you there is nothing wrong. What is going on?
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Hypnosis helps you change your perception of the world

Hypnosis unlocks our natural ability to alter our perception - seeing colours, feeling pain etc. Hypnosis is a skill and we get better with practice.
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Anxiety makes us more aware of potential threats

Anxiety is maintained by the ways we think and the things we do. They keep us on standby, always on the lookout for things to go wrong.
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Emotional wellbeing helps physical wellbeing too

Depression is triggered by tough life events and can make us ill. Hypnosis is an effective treatment. Give it a try.
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Am I ill? All these symptoms and no diagnosis

If the doctor advises that you are well, but you have all these symptoms, what can you do?
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Major food producers actively target our children with unhealthy fattening food

You may believe you choose what you eat and drink. But the fabulously skilled marketers working for Big Food producers make the decisions for you.
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Are your relationships making you fat?

Comfort eating? Comfort from what? Maybe it is those around you. Chiselling away at your confidence. Research shows that this can cause weight gain.
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Worrying about your health? Unexplained symptoms?

Chest pain, palpitations, numbness, tingling, any other symptoms? After some checks, your doctor tells you there is nothing wrong. How is that then?
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I feel anxious all the time. What if it never goes away?

This fear that we cannot control these anxious feelings can make us dread normal life. We stay off work, avoid our friends, feeling worse and worse.
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Health worries

10% of people attending hospital are seriously worried about their health, but doctors find nothing wrong. This causes more anxiety. Try hypnotherapy!
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Get off the scales

Scales addiction: an affliction that causes the sufferer, usually someone on a diet, to step on the scales multiple times a day.
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