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What exactly is OCD?

Worrying all the time and scaring yourself with dreadful thoughts? Like stabbing someone, or needing to know where the loos are before you can go out?
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Adult colouring books help with depression

Secret Garden by Johanna Basford can help you to get back to feeling good and back in control
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Postal HIV test

When I was in London the other day, I came across a poster advertising postal HIV tests. This is a great idea. It is supported by the Terence Higgins Trust.

From time to time I work with people who are struggling with the guilt from an unnecessary and potential damaging sexual encounter. They are anxious about the impact on their permanent relationship and are wracked with shame and remorse. I can help them remember not to do it again and learn from their mistake. Sometimes we forget to value our important relationships.

But some are also anxious about HIV and infecting their loved one. Making their foolish sexual encounter even more of a disaster. So this postal test is really helpful.

Automatic worrying

The things that trigger worry are noticed by your brain before you have noticed it. Your brain responds on your behalf with anxiety, quick as a flash.
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Constantly anxious? Don't suffer any more. There is effective help.

Chronic anxiety leads to long term health problems - IBS, insomnia, depression, heart disease. Get back on track with hypnotherapy.
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I feel anxious all the time. What if it never goes away?

This fear that we cannot control these anxious feelings can make us dread normal life. We stay off work, avoid our friends, feeling worse and worse.
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Anxious seems to be the new normal

We all experience anxiety at one time or another. But long-term anxiety can be crippling and ruin our lives. Yet treatment can be quick! Get help now.
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CBT and psychodynamic therapy - is one more effective for anxiety disorders?

Arguments rage over whether CBT (a brief therapy) is less effective than psychodynamic therapy, which is holistic and takes much longer. Well, is it?
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Worries and anxieties can interfere with refreshing sleep

Having a refreshing night's sleep is wonderful. We take it for granted most of the time. Interrupted or unrefreshing sleep, can make us miserable.
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When you can't sleep

Anxiety and worry can stop us dropping off to sleep. Depression and low mood may be a cause of waking early and being unable to get back to sleep.
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7 ways to reduce anxiety and and stress

Anxiety is the new normal. We have become used to a high level of stress in our lives.What to do.
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Is it worry or anxiety?

Worry involves repetitive, extended persistent thoughts that come out of the blue. Anxiety is the physical response.
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Worrying all the time

We worry about all sorts of things. In this area, we tend to be very creative. We worry about blushing or the shape of our noses. We fear that we will make a fool of ourselves in front of our friends or colleagues if we are asked to speak. We get anxious about going to the loo, or not finding a loo. And all of these worries, and more besides, interfere with our lives, and make us unhappy. Even worse, we get into the habit of worrying, so that all these unpleasant thoughts pop into our minds at any time without invitation and overwhelm the good experiences. Worrying like this can damage our self-esteem and self-confidence, making us unwilling to take on new challenges and this takes a lot of the fun out of our lives.

In all of these cases and many more, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy works fast and effectively and therefore offers terrific value for money. Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose but your worries!

Persistent worrying gets in the way

Research shows that worrying has been shown to increase unpleasant intrusive thoughts which keep the worry cycle turning. But this can change!
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Worrying doesn't solve our problems

Here are simple tried and tested DIY techniques for getting worries and anxieties under control. If you need help and support, come and see me.
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