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Third-person self-talk. Effectively calms you down.

Developing a toolkit of effective coping skills gives you control over feelings of anxiety. Third-person self-talk is very effective.
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How to boost self-confidence

Self confidence is a skill and it can be learned. When you are confident, other people like you more, trust you more, and you feel better still.
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Saying what you are good at builds confidence

Our inner self-talk, the head chatter, tends to be critical and unkind. In sport we find great role models. They tell us what went right.
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Hypnosis treats depression effectively

Depression is a syndrome, not only biology where antidepressants help. Hypnosis helps you recover and stay well.
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It's our thoughts that make us anxious

The way we think about our situation affects our feelings and our actions. If we act like Mrs Assertive, we are more likely to achieve our goals.
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