Blog: Depression

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How the great outdoors supports our wellbeing

Getting outside into green spaces has a beneficial impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. read more

Added on 29.05.2018

Anxiety spoiling your life? AI to the rescue!

Therapy can be delivered in lots of effective ways. Apps using artificial intelligence are looking good. read more

Added on 19.03.2018

Anxious teenage modern-day hermits

School refusers, anxious young people afraid of leaving their bedrooms. All this seems to coincide with the growth of smartphones. read more

Added on 06.03.2018

How hypnosis improves health

Hypnosis and similar mind-body interventions have been shown to reverse damage to DNA caused by stress, reducing the risk of disease. read more

Added on 29.06.2017

Talking about depression is the first step to feeling better

7 April 2017 is World Health Day. WHO is launching the “Depression: Let’s Talk” campaign. Talking is the first step to recovering. read more

Added on 06.04.2017

Adult colouring books help with depression

Secret Garden by Johanna Basford can help you to get back to feeling good and back in control read more

Added on 14.06.2015

Hypnosis treats depression effectively

Depression is a syndrome, not only biology where antidepressants help. Hypnosis helps you recover and stay well. read more

Added on 29.11.2014

Emotional wellbeing helps physical wellbeing too

Depression is triggered by tough life events and can make us ill. Hypnosis is an effective treatment. Give it a try. read more

Added on 29.06.2014

Insomnia. Our body clock has a powerful effect on our sleep quality

Our bodies respond really powerfully to daylight, not just our eyes, but every part of us. Knowing this can help us improve our quality of sleep. read more

Added on 26.01.2014

Low self-esteem causes overweight

Research by Kings College London shows that children with low self-esteem are overweight as adults, and this link is stronger with women. read more

Added on 08.11.2013

When I lose weight I will...

Do you believe your life will be better if you lose weight? Will you be happier, more successful, and more likely to find a partner? read more

Added on 17.08.2013

Alcohol is killing more women in their 30s and 40s

Research by Glasgow University published today shows alcohol related deaths among those born in the 70s is a ticking time bomb. read more

Added on 19.07.2013

Worries and anxieties can interfere with refreshing sleep

Having a refreshing night's sleep is wonderful. We take it for granted most of the time. Interrupted or unrefreshing sleep, can make us miserable. read more

Added on 21.06.2013

When you can't sleep

Anxiety and worry can stop us dropping off to sleep. Depression and low mood may be a cause of waking early and being unable to get back to sleep. read more

Added on 30.05.2013

Weight gain and feeling bad

Depression is a risk factor for obesity. When we are in a low mood, it's hard to work on a long-term project. Deal with the low mood first. read more

Added on 07.02.2013

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