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Low self-esteem causes overweight

Research by Kings College London shows that children with low self-esteem are overweight as adults, and this link is stronger with women.
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Women's magazines promote appearance over health

Research shows that 20% of articles in women's health and fitness magazines are devoted to body shaping and weight loss.
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Measuring the waist is better than using the scales

Apparently, since the 1950s, waistlines have gone up from an average of 28 inches then to 34 inches now.
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The beauty ideal changes with fashion

When Rubens was painting, voluptuous women were considered beautiful. Attractiveness stereotypes have been with us for centuries, but the particular ideal changes with fashion.

The current beauty ideal is unrealistically thin. Using younger and younger models, with immature body shapes, demonstrates how unrealistic it is. And as the beauty ideal gets thinner, real women have been getting bigger. So the difference between ideal and actual just keeps growing. In times of famine, people tend to get thin. When food is freely available, people get fat. We in the Western world have easy access to plentiful supplies of the widest range of palatable foods at very low prices. Thus the social pressure to achieve unrealistically thin bodies is even harder because at the same time we are receiving messages to eat. Particularly messages to eat for fun.

To help you maintain a healthy body image in a healthy body, try hypnosis.

Body Confidence

The pressure to conform to the impossible stereotypes we are bombarded with on a daily basis is overwhelming and damaging.
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Fat ladies dancing

Do you remember the Roly Polys? They were Les Dawson's dance group. Most of them were overweight, one certainly obese, but they danced really well.
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Struggling to lose weight

You may be one of those people who seems to be constantly struggling with your weight.
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The pressure to be thin

It wasn't always so. Female body shapes are required to change in response to fashion. Which means we must change our bodies in order to meet the fashion. Bodies themselves still come in all shapes and sizes. Thank goodness we don't suffer from fashion in height (though there is some pressure for girls in China to go through suffering in order to lengthen their legs, so maybe that will come.) After the war, when people had been hungry, putting on a bit of plump was a sign that you were doing well again.

How ads make us want to be thin

We get a lot of information from the media. Some of what we get from the media is what a woman ought to be like.
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Why do we want to lose weight?

In part, it is social pressure coming at us through the media, because even people with a healthy bodyweight want to lose weight.

The charity, Eating Disorder Association, has linked up with Dove, who do the commercials with women of all shapes and sizes, to promote understanding of how the media affects our body image and our self esteem through Body Talk. It is primarily targeted at young people, but there is good material that we can all benefit from.

We all need to understand this, as a negative body image and low self-esteem really does affect our lives deeply.

When is the best time to try to lose weight?

Well, the simple answer is, when we are feeling good, when things are generally going well. When the ducks are in a row.
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Body satisfaction

It is now normal for women to feel dissatisfied with their bodies. Even women of normal weight feel their bodies need improvement.
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Do you think other people think you are fat?

We often worry that other people think we are fat, when in fact they are not bothered one way or the other.
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NewYear resolutions

NewYear resolutions
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Eating and low mood

Anxiety, depression and negative body image can have an impact on your eating habits and nutrition.
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