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Dieting makes us more interested in food

When we are dieting, we want to stop thinking about food, because we want to eat less. But this makes us focus even more on food. Not helpful.
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Self-esteem is damaged by society's views of the perfect body

Society's view of beauty changes over time. In the 1600s, the ideal woman was soft and curvy. Not these days! Men now have body image problems too.
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Eating habits that cause weight gain

It is not just what you eat but how you eat. Change the way you eat to manage your weight easily and automatically
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New 9 to 5 diet. Will it work for you?

The new diet to lose weight is to eat only between 9 to 5. You may have tried other diets in the past which did not work. Will this one work for you?
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Why is it so easy to regain lost weight?

In part, this is because once w ehave achieved our goal weight, we stop the treatment (controlling your eating, or dieting) and go back to the old ways (which caused the weight gain). Another reason is that after weight loss, our bodies become more efficient and we need fewer calories for the same task.

What can we do to avoid that? Get a hypnotherapist to work out the key changes you had made to your diet, and get her to help you bed those changes in.

Losing weight is sometimes too distant a goal

We want to lose weight, but the results are going to take time. What action can we take now to get us on the right path?
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How can I lose weight?

Losing weight seems so elusive. We go on a diet and the weight drops off, but then it comes back again. Maybe it's the diet that is the problem.
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Carbs - should you be cutting them out of your diet?

Low carb and no carb diets for weight loss. Will they work for you? Many of my clients tell me they have given up potatoes. They never mention sugar.
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Will the 2-5 fasting diet work for me?

The 2-5 fasting diet is all the rage. Will it help you to lose weight, or is it another miracle diet that will result in you gaining weight?
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Dieting causes binge eating

Trying to limit your food intake by dieting produces a tendency to overeat or even binge when restrictions are lifted.
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The psychology of losing weight

Oprah Winfrey dieted her way from a worrying 10 stone up to nearly 17 stone, then back down to 14 stone, till at last she got to 11 stone.
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The strategy you use to control your weight determines success

One client said she had "been on a diet for 30 years on and off", but was stubbornly one stone overweight. Clearly dieting doesn't work for her.
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Thinking about food all the time

When we get worried about our weight, we can start to obsess, thinking about food all the time.
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What happens when you go on a diet?

For most people, dieting leads to increased attention to food and thinking about it all the time. This results in cravings and overeating.
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Medicine doesn't work if you don't take it

If you have lost weight on a diet, the weight will come back on as soon as you stop, unless you change your eating patterns.
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