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3 things to know about panic attacks

Panic attacks seem to be come out of the blue. It can be overwhelming and terrifying. And fear of another attack can hold us back from life.
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Is hypnosis real? The BBC investigates...

BBC Crowdscience investigation discovers some benefits of hypnosis, including tooth extraction!
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Constipation and diarrhea can be both cause and symptom of anxiety

Worrying about our insides can make life a misery. Hypnotherapy can help!
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Anxiety spoiling your life? AI to the rescue!

Therapy can be delivered in lots of effective ways. Apps using artificial intelligence are looking good.
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Third-person self-talk. Effectively calms you down.

Developing a toolkit of effective coping skills gives you control over feelings of anxiety. Third-person self-talk is very effective.
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Boost your resilience with these 4 tips

Building resilience strengthens your self-esteem and develops a deep sense of lasting self-confidence.
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Keep your eyes on the prize to be happier and fitter

Changing your focus of attention can make you more successful and fitter. Wow!
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Panic attacks. Hypnotherapy is shown to be effective.

Panic attacks can feel like a heart attack, so some people end up in A&E. Hypnotherapy is effective for full and long-term recovery.
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How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis still remains a bit of a mystery, with helpful emotional and physical changes happening without conscious effort. How does this happen?
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7 tips for greater self-confidence

7 tips to strengthen your belief in your abilities and judgment, so you are empowered to make choices that build your self-confidence and self-esteem.
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Beat public speaking and performance anxiety in just a few sessions

You can become confident giving talks, speaking up at meetings and in interviews. No more public speaking anxiety in just a few sessions.
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What exactly is OCD?

Worrying all the time and scaring yourself with dreadful thoughts? Like stabbing someone, or needing to know where the loos are before you can go out?
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Boosting self esteem

Low self-esteem and low confidence really get in the way of a happy life. What makes things better?
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Postal HIV test

When I was in London the other day, I came across a poster advertising postal HIV tests. This is a great idea. It is supported by the Terence Higgins Trust.

From time to time I work with people who are struggling with the guilt from an unnecessary and potential damaging sexual encounter. They are anxious about the impact on their permanent relationship and are wracked with shame and remorse. I can help them remember not to do it again and learn from their mistake. Sometimes we forget to value our important relationships.

But some are also anxious about HIV and infecting their loved one. Making their foolish sexual encounter even more of a disaster. So this postal test is really helpful.

Am I ill? All these symptoms and no diagnosis

If the doctor advises that you are well, but you have all these symptoms, what can you do?
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