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3 things to know about panic attacks

Panic attacks seem to be come out of the blue. It can be overwhelming and terrifying. And fear of another attack can hold us back from life. read more

Added on 15.11.2018

Is hypnosis real? The BBC investigates...

BBC Crowdscience investigation discovers some benefits of hypnosis, including tooth extraction! read more

Added on 01.07.2018

Updates to my privacy policies

The GDPR comes into UK law on 25 May 2018. I have refreshed my privacy policies and terms and conditions. Take a look! read more

Added on 18.05.2018

Breathing Clinic now open in Glasgow

Panic is often maintained by the way we breathe. You can help overcome panic and anxiety by a few sessions learning a better way to breathe read more

Added on 16.04.2018

Constipation and diarrhea can be both cause and symptom of anxiety

Worrying about our insides can make life a misery. Hypnotherapy can help! read more

Added on 04.04.2018

Anxiety spoiling your life? AI to the rescue!

Therapy can be delivered in lots of effective ways. Apps using artificial intelligence are looking good. read more

Added on 19.03.2018

Anxious teenage modern-day hermits

School refusers, anxious young people afraid of leaving their bedrooms. All this seems to coincide with the growth of smartphones. read more

Added on 06.03.2018

Hypnosis helps you manage anxiety effectively

Developing a toolkit of effective coping skills gives you control over feelings of anxiety. This approach works all by itself and is easy to learn. read more

Added on 28.02.2018

Boost your resilience with these 4 tips

Building resilience strengthens your self-esteem and develops a deep sense of lasting self-confidence. read more

Added on 17.02.2018

Keep your eyes on the prize to be happier and fitter

Changing your focus of attention can make you more successful and fitter. Wow! read more

Added on 10.10.2017

Panic attacks. Frightening and unpleasant but not beyond control.

Panic attacks can feel overwhelming, like a heart attack, so some people end up in A&E. Hypnosis guides you to full and permanent recovery. read more

Added on 15.08.2017

Helping children (and adults) manage pain and fear of needles

A great video aimed at children to help them cope with the pain of jags and medical procedures. read more

Added on 11.07.2017

How hypnosis improves health

Hypnosis and similar mind-body interventions have been shown to reverse damage to DNA caused by stress, reducing the risk of disease. read more

Added on 29.06.2017

Will hypnosis work for you? Try an app and see.

Anxiety can be overwhelming. But is hypnosis going to help? Apps provide a useful and inexpensive way of knowing how hypnotherapy could work for you. read more

Added on 01.05.2017

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis still remains a bit of a mystery, with emotional and physical changes happening without conscious effort. How does this happen? read more

Added on 28.03.2017

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