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What exactly is OCD?

Worrying all the time and scaring yourself with dreadful thoughts? Like stabbing someone, or needing to know where the loos are before you can go out? read more

Added on 01.11.2015

Self-medicating with chocolate

Stuff in chocolate makes us feel good, so when we are feeling low, we eat it. Then we feel bad and guilty and eat some more. Hypnosis will help. read more

Added on 10.09.2012

What makes us eat?

See it, want it, eat it. Advertisers benefit from this by showing us appetising foods with lots of happy people enjoying them. read more

Added on 10.08.2012

Chocolate cravings

Lots of people exclaim that they couldn't imagine life without chocolate. But we didn't eat it till the 17the Century. read more

Added on 01.07.2012

What happens when you go on a diet?

For most people, dieting leads to increased attention to food and thinking about it all the time. This results in cravings and overeating. read more

Added on 11.06.2012

Medicine doesn't work if you don't take it

If you have lost weight on a diet, the weight will come back on as soon as you stop, unless you change your eating patterns. read more

Added on 09.06.2012

How to stop those cravings

Cravings seem to arise out of the blue and we are overcome with the need to eat the craved item read more

Added on 03.10.2011

Take care who you sit next to!

Without realising it, our eating is affected by the person we sit next to. read more

Added on 04.08.2011

Struggling to lose weight

You may be one of those people who seems to be constantly struggling with your weight. read more

Added on 09.07.2011

Does bran help IBS symptoms

Bran can make the symptoms of IBS worse. What can we do to reduce IBS symptoms? read more

Added on 01.04.2011

The importance of keeping a record

Keeping records is important and effective when we are trying to manage our weight. read more

Added on 18.02.2011

NewYear resolutions

NewYear resolutions read more

Added on 30.01.2011

How does hypnosis help with weight control?

Hypnosis is about suggestion. If you decide to give up puddings, that decision is reinforced by suggestions that you no longer wish to eat puddings. read more

Added on 22.11.2010

Why is my willpower so weak?

Willpower can be developed. If you practice doing things that are a bit uncomfortable or a bit unpleasant, then you will strengthen your willpower. read more

Added on 12.01.2010

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